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How many lymphatic massages will I need for plastic surgery recovery?

Everyone heals at different rates.  Typically most patients will need 10-15 sessions.

Why should I get lymphatic massages?

Lymphatic massages help with inflammation, tightness, soreness and formation of scar tissue. Patients always feel better and heal faster.

When will I feel better after liposuction?

Patients need to prepare themselves to feel sore, itchy and tight. Healing time will take approximately 6-12 weeks. Final results can take from 3-6 months.

When will I feel better after tummy tuck with liposuction?

Patients need to prepare themselves to be sore, tight and stiff for up to 12-16 weeks. The first six weeks are very slow healing.

What should I know and expect if I decide to do any type of plastic surgery?

Patients should expect great results but with a slow recovery. Patients tend to get impatient and want instant results and gratification.

When is the best time to have a tummy tuck or liposuction?

The best time is in the winter (December thru March). Compression garments need to be worn for up to 3 months for best results and it can be too hot to wear during the summer. And your body will be beach ready by summertime.

What are the most common mistakes patients make to not get the best results from liposuction?

  • They don’t get lymphatic massages from a knowledgeable licensed massage therapist.
  • They don’t wear the right compression garment.
  • They are not compliant in wearing the compression garment (24/7 for 6-12 weeks).
  • They don’t wear ab board with liposuction of abdominal wall.

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